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Taste the Difference of Wood-Fired Maple Syrup

Treat’s Sugarhouse makes maple syrup each day mother nature produces sap. It is important not to store sap because air, heat and naturally occurring bacteria will begin to divide sucrose into glucose and fructose. Not only is this the onset of fermentation, but fructose has a lower caramelization temperature than sucrose or glucose. Fructose also tastes sweeter than the other sugars. Processing aged sap will produce darker or even off-flavor syrup.


Our syrup is produced and bottled in daily batches. Depending on the weather, each batch is slightly different in color and flavor. We do not combine different production days, attempting to achieve arbitrary international color grades with their presumptuous taste suggestions. We do keep on hand syrup made during unusual weather conditions and syrup from other NH producers with different terroirs and production techniques, which we are happy to let you sample.

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