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The Sugarhouse

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Global Population: 8 Billion People

Annual Global Maple Production: 22 Million Gallons

10% of the luckiest on the planet: 800 Million People

Their Share of the Crop: 3.5 oz


Kids like to take a little steam on the sauna balcony.

Kids Balcony1.jpg
Syrup Samples.JPG


We always have tastings available. Even blindfolded, most folks can tell the difference between early and late season syrup, sugar maple and red maple syrup, and single run and blended maple syrup. 

Samples 2017.JPG
Frozen Flue Pan.jpg


Inevitably during the early season, a cold snap will freeze the unheated sugarhouse, turning the evaporator into an ice cube! Restarting takes an hour or more with a small, slow fire.

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