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Sugarbush Operations

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Maple Trees

This tree grew to 1.5" in the first 30 years. Then it was released by cutting away any competition to its crown so it had a direct path to sunlight. And it was fertilized. The results are spectacular! 4.5" of growth in the next 10 years before it was culled to release better trees nearby.

Tree Growth.JPG
Canopy Hole.JPG

Crop Maintenance

Two 10" dbh maple tree trees were culled to create room in the canopy for abutting trees to expand.

A hemlock tree was killed by girdling and its sunlight is quickly taken by the neighbors.


Field Tanks

A good day's run in a field tank ready to be hauled to the sugar house. The field tanks can hold 2 gallons per tap and our orchards average just under 1 gallon per day when the sap is running.

Line iced.jpg


Preseason maintenance includes removing blowdowns. Lines pinned to the ground won't unthaw stopping any sap flow.

Here further up the line a branch line frozen into the brook. Obviously this line won't unthaw on a nice day.

Tap Recovery

Left circle is a tap hole closed after 1 year. Right circle is the previous year. By year 3 the exterior of the scar has disappeared. 

2016 & 15 Closure.JPG
Blue Sapsicle.JPG

Time & Pressure

Here is a 3 foot sapsicicle hanging off a twig. The tree is pushing sap up to its buds under pressure. But a break has allowed the sap to escape on a day where the air temperature is below freezing forming the "sapsicicle".

An abandoned spout after fifty or more years.

Old Spout.JPG
Tube Spider.JPG


Five lateral lines enter a 1/2" mainline and go to a roadside field tank.

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